Think you've found EDWIN HAYWARD?

Edwin Hayward - I studied at the ISSE in Eindhoven, then at the University of Kent at Canterbury

- After graduation, I moved to Tokyo with my wife, Michiyo, and we lived there for 15 years.

- I worked at IES, FLM and Pictet.

- I co-founded the Internet Business Forum [left in 2001]

- And now we're back in the UK, in Cambridge. We manage an ever-growing network of websites, and trade in domain names. And yes, this is me...

If the above doesn't ring any bells, that would be because you're looking for a different Edwin Hayward, or somebody who calls themselves "Ed" or "Edward" Hayward. None of those people are me, and vice-versa.

If you were in fact looking for me, you've now found me, so please get in touch! My email address is:
ehayward AT (replace "AT" with "@" and remove the spaces)